Camelback Vending Brings the WOW Factor to Phoenix Vending

Vending Machines in Phoenix, Arizona

Camelback Vending Brings the WOW Factor to Phoenix Vending

Customers ask us all the time about what separates Camelback Vending from other break room service providers in Phoenix. The answer is simple. We want to WOW people. From the beginning, we set out to be the best. We are the largest locally-owned operation in the Valley, pride ourselves on a quick, personal response, and provide the right healthy items for today’s needs. Our services have evolved to exceed Phoenix expectations from custom micro-markets to service-enhancing technology investments. Best of all, we did all this without losing our focus on family and sense of responsibility to the community. When you partner with Camelback Vending you are supporting a business model built on commitment.

Vending Service in Phoenix, Arizona


Camelback Vending grew out of a side business one of our founders started in 2001. As a way to work part-time while also caring for her young children, Jodi Glimpse began selling candy in bulk candy machines in the Phoenix area. She loved the ability to get out and about town filling the machines, talking to customers, and how the schedule could be adapted to a growing family. When her husband, Mike, wanted to change careers, expanding the vending machine business was the obvious decision. The husband and wife team researched full-service vending, worked with a locator and bought a local operation that sold ice cream through vending machines. That last opened the door to school accounts, which became Camelback’s core business for many years. Fast forward and now Camelback Vending is the largest, locally-owned break room service provider in the area is not just schools, but many other Phoenix businesses. We offer updated vending machines with card and mobile payment options as well as the extremely popular micro-market solution. Jodi is heavily involved in the day-to-day operations, constantly working to impress customers with a variety of products and level of commitment from the Camelback team.

Driven to Serve

Despite being a large service provider to the Phoenix area, Camelback Vending has a very personalized service mission. Our customers know they can call or email the owner or Operations Manager anytime. There is no corporate telephone system to wade through or service hierarchy to navigate. We are people focused on people and we take pride in providing a lightning-fast response to service issues, requests, concerns, and questions.

Procuring Healthy

Camelback Vending is the go-to operator for healthy products in the Valley, partly because we have had such a large presence in Phoenix-area schools. Providing school vending was one of the first services we offered when we became a full-service vending company in 2004. As regulations detailing the nutritional requirements for products sold in schools were published, the Camelback team learned all they could about those regulations and what products met them. We worked with not only school district personnel on what should go into machines, but also product suppliers to ensure we had a variety of items and all the latest products. The due diligence and range of quality of healthy products have made Camelback the most reliable name in healthy vending, even among Phoenix’s businesses and corporations that want to offer healthier items to employees. Companies know Camelback will provide an evolving line of healthier items that go beyond baked chips and granola bars. We include delicious, nutrient-dense options that excite consumers.   

Elevating Micro-Markets

Working alongside businesses to meet their break room service needs, we discovered things were changing in Phoenix. More variety and a different way of delivering refreshments were needed. That led Camelback to introduce its own micro-market solution – a custom mini-store concept installed in the break room and open 24/7. A local cabinet maker creates all the fixtures for the micro-market specifically for each customer location, so no two Camelback micro-markets are the same. Customers are forever awed by our unique, yet sophisticated shelving and cabinets. Just as important is our attention to detail after the market is installed. Drivers don’t just fill shelves. They are trained to clean the market, check products for “best by” dates, rotate in new items, keep the products organized for easy shopping, and provide a good variety in order to satisfy multiple needs. 

Advancing Technology

Camelback Vending couldn’t amaze the Phoenix area with its service without technology. We invested early in a management system that has upgraded our response time and resulted in better product offerings. The technology often reports a vending machine malfunction. For example, if there is a jam in the dollar bill acceptor, we are notified before anyone at the location even knows about it. So, we can fix it fast. With real-time tracking of products sold in vending machines and micro-markets, we can provide better service and more of the products customers truly want. Plus, everyone loves the new payment options available on our equipment. From credit and debit cards to mobile options, such as Apple Pay, Google wallet, and 365 Pay, it’s more convenient than ever to make a purchase. 


Family is what sparked the vending career for our founders, and that has not diminished. For 15 years, Jodi and Mike Glimpse brought their children into work, showing them everything from preparing a vending machine for installation to fostering relationships with employees and customers. Jodi is proud that as her children transition into adulthood, they show the same hard work ethic they saw growing up. She also loves that the business still offers a flexible schedule that allows her to visit them. Including her daughters who both attend out-of-state universities in Honolulu and Cleveland.

Eager to Give Back

Sponsorships and donations in the community have always been important to us. In schools, we always want to ensure kids that are hungry get something to eat. If we can provide free drinks and snacks to teachers and coaches to meet this need, we are glad to do so. We donate products and funds to sporting events, golf tournaments, and other fundraisers. Camelback Vending is always looking to contribute. We keep a monthly budget just for giving. These opportunities inspire the community and inspire us. So, we love the opportunity to give back. 

All this and more make the team at Camelback Vending a different kind of service provider, one ready to make your day a bit brighter.


Camelback Vending offers complete vending services to customers in the greater Phoenix area. For more information about upgrading your current office coffee service, customizing a new one or adding healthy and delicious options to your break room micro-market or pantry service, please call Camelback Vending Services at 602-278-5330.