5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Phoenix Office Water Service With an Ice and Water Dispenser

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5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Phoenix Office Water Service With an Ice and Water Dispenser

In the Phoenix heat, nothing beats having easy access to quality ice and water. Ice-cold drinks are one of life’s little pleasures. With our quality Phoenix office water service, you can offer your staff the best water and ice!

Not only will your team view this as a nice employee perk, but it can even improve productivity. Here are five solid reasons to upgrade your office water service to include an ice dispenser.

5 Top Benefits of the Follet Symphony Ice and Water System in Office Water Service

When it comes to office water services that include ice dispensers, the Follet Symphony ice and water system is the way to go. This technology brings quality water and ice to keep your Phoenix team hydrated. Here’s why we love this system:

1. Good for the Environment

A plastic water bottle may take up to 450 years to decompose. Steer your team in an environmentally friendly direction with our office water service! Instead of using plastic bottles, your employees can fill up a reusable water bottle or a glass with ice-cold water.

2. It Has “Chewblet” Ice

Also known as nugget ice, “chewblet” ice is small, easy-to-chew ice cubes. This ice is such a popular type of ice that some people drive for miles to reach stores and gas stations where it’s sold! Adding a Phoenix ice dispenser to your breakroom will delight your staff. With nugget ice available, they can enjoy ice-cold water. Or, they can make up refreshing iced coffees, iced tea, or other specialty drinks.

3. Our Office Water Service is Tailored to Meet Your Needs

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We know that each break room is unique. That’s why we tailor our office water services to fit perfectly in your space. From countertop to wall mount, or freestanding dispensers, we have just the solution for your Phoenix breakroom.

Plus, Follet Symphony ice and water systems come in various sizes. For larger offices, choose a unit that produces several hundred pounds of ice in a day. Or, choose a smaller unit if you’ll consume less. There’s an ice and water system that will meet your needs perfectly!

4. It Complements Your Breakroom

No matter what your current break room setup, an ice and water system will complement it. Fresh, filtered water and ice is the perfect addition to your Phoenix micro-market. Or, set one up as the finishing touch in your office pantry. Your staff will love being able to enjoy ice-cold water alongside their favorite snacks. Plus, the filtered water from your water dispenser will improve the taste of coffee and tea.

Looking for a streamlined solution? We also offer plumbed-in water systems.

5. Improve Your Team’s Health

Nugget ice makes healthy drinks like water or iced tea more palatable and exciting. With an ice and water system, your staff is more likely to stay hydrated. That’s a great contribution to your corporate wellness plan! How, exactly?

Even mild dehydration can affect your health. When your body doesn’t get enough water, it can cause headaches, fatigue, and dizziness. Getting enough water can support your staff’s well-being. When hydrated, your staff will feel more alert. Good hydration also helps maintain a positive mood.

Additionally, good hydration helps your body run well. From regulating your body temperature to aiding in digestion, water plays an important role! Drinking enough water can also help balance blood pressure. Even your skin benefits from good hydration.

Upgrade Your Phoenix Office Water Service Today!

Are you ready to take your break room to the next level? Bring your staff a water and ice dispenser they’ll love! Get in touch with our team to talk about your office water service needs!