School Vending Solutions: Camelback Vending is Ready for the Change

Elementary school class standing outside

School Vending Solutions: Camelback Vending is Ready for the Change

Elementary school class standing outsideWhat’s the problem?

Childhood obesity is a serious United States public health catastrophe. Today, nearly a third of the youth population or more than 23 million children and teenagers are considered obese or overweight.

What’s being done?

In attempts to curve the problem at hand, the U.S. Department of Agriculture has enacted the “Smart Snacks in School” program, which will prevent vending machines from selling foods that do not meet certain nutritional standards. Along with portion control standards, these science-based nutrition standards will allow schools to limit the amount of junk food school-aged children are consuming each day and ensure a healthier, more complete diet.

Schools in the United States have been trying to adopt healthier options on their breakfast and lunch menus for some time. As of Tuesday, July 1, 2014, schools will no longer be providing popular snack vending favorites such as Cheetos, Potato Chips or Oreos. These foods fall outside of the revised standards that promote a healthier lifestyle. For the whole story and a list of approved Smart Snacks, view Nick Monato’s article on the evolution of school vending.

Camelback’s initiative?

Camelback Vending Services is ready. Camelback recognizes that healthy eating initiatives are a top priority in this day and age and therefore Camelback has completed the transition to providing foods that limit calories, sodium and sugar. All student vending machines have been switched over for the new school year ahead and those who are in summer school now. The health of the future generation is of great importance to Camelback. Along with the USDA, Camelback is committed to working alongside schools, teachers, students, parents and the food and beverage industries to implement these new parameters that completely benefit the youth.

Join us in responding to the frightening growth rate of childhood obesity by promoting a new, healthier lifestyle. Let this be the first step.