vending machines and office coffee service in GilbertGilbert’s Provider for the Best Vending Machines

If you’re looking to incorporate a vending program in Gilbert, give Camelback Vending a call. We have a wide variety of vending machines, from standard snack and beverage vending machines, to coffee and healthy vending machines. Our selection of products is only limited by your imagination, and you are in charge of what you get. Furthermore, we’re happy to comply with special requests. We’re also flexible with our vending agreements. Ask about subsidized vending and free vending programs if you’re looking to give your people a further fringe benefit.

We’ve Got Office Coffee and Water Filtration Services for Gilbert

Looking for the highest caliber coffee service for your Gilbert office? You’ve found it with Camelback Vending. We have the brewers you want, with the brands and flavors your employees want. No matter if you choose a standard brewer or a single-cup style, these coffee machines feature the latest in technologies to help guarantee the best beverage possible. When we visit, we’ll also stock your break room with any other products you need, including stir sticks, cups, plates, napkins and creamers. We’ll provide you the very best office coffee service while your employees can focus on their job.
Water quality at your Gilbert office is just important as good coffee. So check out our water filtration services. Simply plug our water filtration units into your existing water line for better tasting, healthier water. Otherwise, we also offer traditional water delivery services, in case you prefer filtered water from a separate dispenser.

vending service and micro-markets in GilbertGilbert’s Premier Micro-Market Service

Adding vending machines to your Gilbert office is a great move, but an even better move is adding a Micro-Market from Camelback Vending. A Micro-Market, or what we call a Camelback Café, is like a small corner store built within your Gilbert office space. We fill the store with hundreds of products, with the selection completely up to you. Products include what you’d typically expect from vending machines, and beyond, such as artisan sandwiches, fresh fruit and gourmet salads. Each Micro-Market includes a self-checkout kiosk, allowing people to handle their own transactions. These kiosks are connected to the internet, allowing us to see your inventory in real time, and resupply when necessary. Combined with the integrated security camera system, Micro-Markets can remain open every day, all day.

We’ll give you the best vending can offer. Contact Camelback Vending today at 602-278-5330 or e-mail to learn more.