Paradise Valley vending machinesThe Leading Vending Machines for Paradise Valley

Give your Paradise Valley employees the best with a vending machine lineup from Camelback Vending. Our vending machines offer the latest technologies, from cashless payment to remote inventory monitoring. And we offer a wide variety of vending equipment, like coffee vending machines, snack vending machines, soft drink vending machines and food vending machines. We take pride in our abilities to satisfy any preference for your Paradise Valley office. For instance, we offer both Pepsi and Coke vending machines, as well as putting together specific healthy food vending machines.

Paradise Valley’s Leader in Office Coffee
and Water Filtration Services

Make your Paradise Valley office complete with a quality office coffee program. Camelback Vending has what you need to get there. We provide all the major brands and types of coffees and teas that people prefer. And our coffee brewers range from the latest advances in single-cup machines to those that brew multiple pots. Beyond the coffee brewers and coffee itself, we’ll also provide other common break room necessities, like stir sticks, cups, plates, napkins, filters and sweeteners. Why do any of this yourself when we can take it all off your hands with one service?

Got water problems at your Paradise Valley office? Fix them with either a water filtration service or water delivery service from Camelback Vending. Our water filtration service involves attaching either a counter top or floor standing filter to your water supply that filters out the impurities that can affect taste. Once installed, better water is available right from the tap…hot or cold. Otherwise, we can deliver filtered water to your door in 5-gallon jugs that work with a provided water cooler

Paradise Valley micro-markets and office coffee brewersParadise Valley – We’re Ready to
Build Your Micro-Market

A Micro-Market, or Camelback Café, from Camelback Vending is the ultimate service for your Paradise Valley facility. It’s truly like your own convenience store at your Paradise Valley office. We work with you to create an open floor plan store using attractive racks, coolers and displays. Then we will fill that store with whatever items you want. Certainly, this includes items you’d typically find in a vending machines, but it goes far beyond that. With items like gourmet salads, artisan sandwiches, protein packed dairy items and fresh fruit, Paradise Valley employees are provided food and drink options for any part of the day. A self-service checkout kiosk is included with every Camelback Café, allowing the customers to run the store rather than having to staff it. This also lets the store remain open and accessible for all hours of the day. As long as the office is open, the Camelback Café is too.

Paradise Valley water filtration and pantry servicesPantry Services Available in Paradise Valley

Are you looking to give your Paradise Valley employees a more unique break room experience than what vending machines or a Micro-Market can provide? Then you’re ready for a pantry service from Camelback Vending. Think of a Micro-Market, with its displays and racks filled with a variety of food, snack and beverage items, except that your Paradise Valley employees don’t have to pay for them. Additionally, pantry services include bulk dispensers to provide cereals, nuts, candy and fruit. There are even coffee stations and organic milk in cartons. It’s just like a pantry at home, as Paradise Valley employees can walk in and grab what they want, when they want it. They enjoy the benefit of free fuel throughout the day, while you reap the benefits of happier, more energized employees who aren’t leaving your Paradise Valley office for snacks and food options.

Camelback Vending has what you need…and want. Call 602-278-5330 or e-mail to see for yourself.