Smart Water Service Solutions for Modern Phoenix Break Rooms

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Smart Water Service Solutions for Modern Phoenix Break Rooms

Many offices now have hybrid work models. As such, coworkers don’t often see each other in person. Therefore, you should bring back water cooler breaks. This gives employees a chance to connect. They’ll enjoy water cooler conversations when they get drinks. This also keeps them hydrated. Thus, a Phoenix water service is a must-have for the break room.

A Phoenix water filtration service is a great employee perk! Keep reading to learn why.

Happy, Hydrated Employees

Want to improve corporate wellness? Offer filtered water in your break room! Hydration supports physical performance. This is especially true on hot summer days. Water is also good for skin and digestion. Moreover employees will feel and look their best.

Furthermore, water boosts brain power and energy levels. Feeling sluggish? If so, sip some water! As a result, employees will be more productive. This also benefits employers!

Smarter Water Service Solutions

Camelback Vending offers Bevi water dispensers. Both the standup and countertop model offer  fresh, filtered water. Choose the model that best works for your office.  Add a freestanding unit to your Phoenix micro-market. Or, place a countertop dispenser on your break room counter if your office has limited space. This can encourage employees to drink more water.

Best of all, employees can have water their way. They can customize their cups with different flavors. For instance, try refreshing lemon taste. Want healthy options? Add an enhancement to improve immunity! Thanks to Bevi’s technology, you can customize your  water from your smartphone. This also reduces the spread of germs.

Enjoy Great-Tasting Water

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Need a different option? Try plumbed-in water. Enjoy fresh water through an existing water line. Employees can refill their own reusable water bottles throughout the day. Not only are you offering employees the freshest water but you can be proud of eliminating single use plastic bottles. It’s important to practice sustainability and become more aware of our environment.

Delicious Water on Demand

We also offer the five-gallon water cooler which is ideal for high consumption break rooms. Set up a unit for clean water on demand. Moreover, these units offer both hot and cold water. As such, they pair well with a Phoenix office coffee service. Employees can add hot water to their coffee or tea. Filtered water makes everything taste better!

Additionally, we deliver the water to your door. We’ll also pick up the old bottles. This way, you’ll always have fresh water!

Take a Break with a Phoenix Water Service

In short, a water service promotes workplace wellness. It’s easy for employees to stay hydrated. Plus, they’ll take more mini-breaks. They can also chat with coworkers!

Do you want to learn more? If so, call Camelback Vending today. We also offer  vending, office pantry, and micro-market solutions. Contact us at (602) 278-5330 or to talk to us about break room solutions.