Specialty Drinks In Vending Machines

Specialty Drinks In Vending Machines

Using Vending Machines For Drink Cravings

Everyone has a beverage they crave and feel as if they can’t live without. It might be a special brand of bottled water, a carbonated drink, or the perfectly brewed cup of coffee. Whatever the drink may be, having it at the right time can bring comfort, happiness, and a renewed sense of energy. While there’s nothing wrong with the office water cooler with fresh water flowing all day long, when co-workers and customers can get the drink they really crave, the day just goes better for them—which is just what you want. Here are a few specialty drinks you might want to include in your vending machines.

Craft Soft Drinks

While any vending machine can carry the name brand soft drinks, craft soft drinks are healthier since they are made from organic and natural ingredients. They are also made by smaller companies who take extra care from creating their products. These drinks aren’t only delicious and can meet carvings, but they also have a story behind them, which can be intriguing to learn more about.

Cold Brew Coffee

Cold brew coffee is making a name for itself in a number of years and it has changed a lot over those years. You can get ready-to-drink, single-serve coffee from vending machines and you won’t burn yourself trying to get the drink that you crave. Cold brews are generally slower on the brewing process, which makes them smoother and creamier with a less bitter taste. Even those who don’t like hot coffee sometimes take in a cold brew and enjoy the result.

Specialty Iced Teas

Iced tea has been around since the 1900s, but specialty flavors are more recent. A lot of people drink sweet tea today, but the healthiest options are black and green tea. There are also a number of flavors from which to choose, like lemon tea, raspberry tea, and so on. Offering specialty tea in ready to use containers like bottles gives the tasty beverages accessibility. Customers and workers will feel like they are sitting down to a refreshing meal with their specialty drink, made to order. Having one of these in the breakroom instead of a pop machine is downright delectable.

Getting The Most From Your Vending Machine

If you have a place of business and would like to put a vending machine for drinks where employees and/or customers can access it, you want to make the most of the machine you provide. There are a lot of different drink options and you’d like to get things that will satisfy customer cravings at just the right time. Look for a good balance between carbonated beverages and healthy options so everyone can find something that suits their tastes. If you are ready to move forward, or want options to think over, contact Camelback Vending to see what drink options might be best for your business. You can also consider snacks and even fresh, healthy foods along with other vending machine options.