Springtime is the Time for New, Healthy Beginnings in Phoenix

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Springtime is the Time for New, Healthy Beginnings in Phoenix

World Health Day was on April 7th, but it’s never too late to make healthier choices. Spring marks a time of transformation and growth. This spring, help your employees transform their lives with healthy solutions in and out of the office.

Camelback Vending Services is your partner in achieving your corporate wellness goals. We can even customize our services to meet the needs of your Phoenix break room.

How to Create a Healthy Break Room

One of the barriers to a healthy lifestyle is not having easy access to healthy refreshments. Make this a problem of the past in your Phoenix break room! At Camelback Vending Services, we have what you need. We offer a variety of healthy snacks, fresh food, and beverages to keep employees sustained all day long. For example, employees can grab a salad or sandwich for lunch at the micro-market. Or, they can find whole fruit in the office pantry. Many of our Phoenix vending machines contain healthy snacks, foods, and beverages as well!

Hydration is also important for a healthy lifestyle. Bring a premium water service to the break room. Choose from our Bevi Water Dispenser or a Follett Water and Ice Machine. Either option offers fresh, filtered water that tastes great. Expand your beverage options with our Wild Tonic Kombucha or even cold brew coffee. Your employees will love the variety!

3 Ways to Bring Healthy Beginnings to Your Workplace

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Phoenix employers can support employees’ health and wellness goals in other ways. Here are some ideas to make your Phoenix workplace healthier:

  • Provide Standing Desk Options. According to studies published in PubMed Central, standing desks offer many health benefits. They can improve mood and energy levels. Plus, people are more productive at standing desks. Finally, standing desks reduce back pain, which is a common problem for office workers.
  • Promote Exercise and Physical Activity. Exercise is important for good health. You can help by making it easier to stay active. For example, offer your employees discounts on gym memberships. Or, start an office sports team or exercise club. This can encourage employees to lead healthier lifestyles. Exercise is known to boost mood and general wellness. That means the company morale may improve overall.
  • Support Mental Health. During a busy day, it’s easy to get stressed out. Companies can offer breathwork or meditation sessions throughout the workday. This allows employees to reset and relax for a minute. That way, they can eliminate stress. The less stressed your team is, the more productive and focused they will be.

The Benefits of Prioritizing Health in the Workplace

Offering healthy refreshments and health-related perks is great for employees. But, did you know it’s also good for your business? When employees are healthy, they need fewer sick days. Also, healthy employees are happy employees. When people are in a good mood, the overall company culture improves. Increased productivity is yet another benefit of focusing on health. Finally, when employees are healthy, your company can save on healthcare-related costs.

Are you ready to transform your Phoenix break room to encourage healthy beginnings? Camelback Vending Services is here to help! Call us at (602) 278-5330 to talk about your break room needs. From micro-markets to office pantries, vending machines, and office coffee we have the healthy solutions you need.