Technology Helps Us Deliver a Customer-First Experience

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Technology Helps Us Deliver a Customer-First Experience

Camelback Vending is proud to be a cutting-edge company. Our investments in the latest break room technology give our customers better experiences with our break room solutions.

For instance, with our scheduling technology, we know exactly which customers need service and which do not. This helps us eliminate wasted trips and use less gas. Camelback also keeps track of product inventory in real-time. We know when it’s time to restock the break room. And, with our refrigerated trucks, we can keep products at the right temperature from our warehouse to your break room. You never have to worry about spoiled food.

Our easy-to-use online ordering system allows customers to order refreshments and other products with a click of a button. Order and pay for items online. The process is seamless and we deliver your order to your office within a few business days.

Did you know that Camelback customers can enjoy digital rewards? Employees earn rewards using our mobile app. Or, reward your staff with complimentary refreshments to celebrate milestones, anniversaries, and achievements.

How technology makes Phoenix break room services better

Keeps Micro-Markets Secure

Phoenix micro-markets are unmanned retail spaces. As such, safety matters. Camelback secures the entire market with surveillance cameras. This helps us keep tabs on your micro-market and make it safe and comfortable space for employees to browse and shop.

Phoenix Micro-Market Technology | Break Room Service | WellnessYou can also treat your team! Set up micro-market accounts and add funds for employees to enjoy free goodies. This is a great way to celebrate special events. For example, add funds on birthdays. Or, reward your team for its achievements. This boosts staff satisfaction and enhances workplace morale!

Lastly, you can pay your way. The micro-market kiosk accepts credit cards, mobile wallets or cash.  Thus, staff can buy fresh foods 24/7, including plenty of healthy options. That means micro-markets can support your business’s corporate wellness program. The market is a convenient option to enjoy snacks, a lunch, or a beverage break.

Office Coffee Technology

Phoenix office coffee is great. Technology makes it better! Camelback offers brand-name brewers, some with contactless options. Customers can order coffee using their smartphones. This stops the spread of germs and keeps the break room cleaner.

If your office drinks lots of coffee, our traditional coffee service may be right for you. Our Newco brewer can make pots of fresh coffee for everyone in the office. It even has preset functions to save you time. Thus, every Phoenix employee can enjoy fresh coffee!

Smart Vending

Want greener Phoenix break room solutions? Our Phoenix vending machines have LED lights and use less energy, saving you money in the long run. With built-in smart sensors, we know exactly which products are selling and which are not. This helps us keep the vending machines stocked with your favorite refreshments.

Technology Makes Phoenix Break Rooms Better

Our funding of break room technology, combined with a team dedicated to customer service and a passion for introducing new products, sets us apart from other break room providers.

Want to learn more? Call Camelback Vending today at 602-278-5330. See how our tech-forward break room solutions can improve your break room!