Top 5 Healthy Beverage Vending Options

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Top 5 Healthy Beverage Vending Options

Vending machines often have the reputation for being filled to the brim with soda, candy, and chips. That is not the case. Food and beverage vending have adapted to include healthier options. Don’t keep running back to the vending machines or kiosks to grab a soda. Quench your thirst with a delicious and healthy beverage. Your company can create their own custom vending solution that will include any options you would like. If your employees are sick of sodas and overly sugared drinks, take a look at the healthiest beverage vending options.

1. Flavored Iced Teas

There are many brands of flavored iced teas. We have found that cherry, mango, and blackberry flavors produce the most benefits. Drinking 8-12 ounces of these juices can help prevent arthritis. As you probably know, typing on a keyboard and writing for 40 + hours a week can take a toll on your joints. Take action with a delicious cherry flavored iced tea.

What you have to be careful of is the amount of sugar in each serving per drink. Some flavored iced tea options will try and sell crazily low amounts of calories per serving, but there will be multiple servings per bottle.

Our Favorite Brands:

  • Republic of Tea
  • Honest Tea
  • Sweet Leaf Tea


2. Flavored Sparkling Water

Your body needs about 13 cups of fluids per day. It can be hard to drink 13 cups of just plain water. Make drinking more fun and delicious with flavored sparkling water. You will get the flavors of drinking juice with 25% of the calories! When you are searching for the right sparkling water for your vending machine, take a look at the type of sparkling water included in the bottle. Stay away from tonic water and club soda. These have added minerals, sugars and calories that will hinder your healthy habits. There are truly endless flavors in flavored water. We enjoy lemon-lime, grapefruit, and pomegranate.

Our Favorite Brands:

  • Sparkling ICE
  • Metromint
  • Hint


3. Coconut Water

Coconut water is a big trend in healthy beverages. Coconut water is loaded with hydrating potassium. It is often referred to as “nature’s Gatorade”. Along with potassium, it is packed with the natural forms of electrolytes, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and sodium. Coconut water is low in calories and has no fat or cholesterol. It is the perfect drink to sip on throughout the day.

Our Favorite Brands

  • Vita Coco
  • Naked
  • Zico


4. Earl Grey Tea

Earl Grey Tea is the perfect mid-day drink to give you that boost of energy you need to get through the day. Unlike coffee, this tea will give you just the right amount of energy you need and won’t keep you up all night. There are many iced Earl Grey Tea options that you can stock in your office vending machine. They will not only keep you energized, but will hydrate you with delicious flavor.

Our Favorite Brands:

  • Tazo
  • Numi


5. Kombucha

This is another healthy drink trend that looks like it is here to stay. Combining organic black tea, natural sugars and symbiotic cultures of bacteria and yeast makes this drink. This drink is meant to be refrigerated, but is packed with health benefits. The fermented tea will help prevent arthritis, aid in digestion and boost your immune system.