Top 5 Reasons to Offer Free Vending in Your Office

People Eating Food Purchased From Vending Machines

Top 5 Reasons to Offer Free Vending in Your Office

Free vending might seem a shocking perk to consider offering. The very word “vend” means to sell, after all. “Free vending” is a complete oxymoron. So why would you consider it for your office? Well, there are quite a few reasons, but we’ve listed the best ones below, and we’re pretty certain that by the time you get to the end of this page, you’ll be as excited about free vending as we are.

Benefits of Free Vending in the Workplace

When you think of employee benefits, free vending probably doesn’t come to mind. But it is indeed an often overlooked perk that can have huge results. Like any workplace perk, free vending has its benefits to both the employer and the employee. We bet you’ll see the benefits on your own in no time, but let’s go ahead and talk about some of them first.

1. High Perceived Value

Free vending is a relatively low-cost benefit, especially when compared to other formal benefits, like vacation time and retirement plans. However, employees don’t view it this way. Instead, they will consider free vending a very generous benefit, so its perceived value is extremely high. Just as complimentary coffee is great for your business, so is free vending. A small price for you leads to a great gain for your employees as well as a positive perception of the company.

2. Free Vending = Happy Employees

Having a positive perception of an employer makes for a happier employee. In addition to this, employees will be happier throughout each work day if they have access to snacks and drinks to keep them focused. Add on the free factor, and endorphins will be soaring.

3. Higher Employee Productivity

Many recent studies suggest that free food boosts morale and leads to higher employee productivity. This goes back to the happy employee. The happier your employee is, and the higher his or her perception of the company is, the higher his or her work performance will be. Happy employees that care about the well-being of the company work harder.

4. Increased Employee Focus and Retention

Free vending will often keep your employees on site during breaks and lunch. This will keep them from outside distractions and allow them to interact more with co-workers, leading to a more collaborative work space that they actually want to be part of. In addition, snacks help you focus. So not only are they staying in the office, they are more focused while they’re there.

5. Access to Healthier Options

It can be too easy to fall back on unhealthy eating when you’re sitting in the office all day. Running next door for fast food every day is a hard habit to break, but what if the alternative is free? Your employees will be much more likely to eat what you offer, and with free vending, the broad range of options will provide plenty of healthy variation.
Regardless of whether you are a small startup or a company with 800+ employees, free vending services can contribute to a positive, productive workplace with hard-working, happy employees.