Traditional Brewers vs Single Cup Brewers

Traditional Brewers vs Single Cup Brewers

Everyone likes to start their day with a fresh cup of coffee in the morning! Many offices provide coffee services for their employees to wake them up in the morning and keep them working in the afternoon. No matter if your office is comprised of 10 people or 100, it is crucial to have the best coffee services for your employees. Many offices use large brewers to accommodate larger staff sizes, while others use single cup brewers to accommodate to personal tastes. Which is right for your office? We will break down the pros and cons of each office coffee machine so you can better determine the right solution for your staff.

Single Cup Brewers

Single cup coffee brewers are new devices in the coffee machine industry. They have programmable settings that allow the user to choose their specific flavor and cup size. They emit just one cup per person of their desired coffee brand.


Single serve cup coffee makers have many benefits that an office can relate too. Some of the advantages of the single cup coffee makers are:

  • Fast
  • Customizable
  • Fresh
  • Quality
  • Convenient


When an employee is looking for coffee, they typically do not want to wait or to have to mix it with countless creamers, flavors, and sugars just to be able to drink it. For an office of any size, a single cup office coffee maker can accommodate many different tastes and preferences. The coffee is always fresh and is always enjoyed by the user, because it is what they truly want.


Although single cup coffee brewers look like they are the clear winner, there are some disadvantages. A few of the most notable disadvantages of single cup coffee brewers are:

  • Expensive (both the machine and the coffee packs)
  • Brew Strength
  • Small Water Storage
  • Cup size
  • Noise


Single cup coffee brewers are generally more expensive to purchase and maintain than traditional coffee makers. The machine may require a specific type of coffee cup or package that works in the system that may be costly to contribute to a large office. Another disadvantage is that these machines typically have a small water reservoir that needs constant attention. This can be bothersome for employees to have to refill after every few cups or every single cup.

Standard Drip Coffee Makers

These are the most basic and most widely used coffee makers on the market. Traditional drip coffee brewers typically are capable of emitting 4 to 12 cups of coffee at a time using loose coffee grounds.


Traditional drip coffee makers have been the most common coffee machine for offices and homes. They are popular because:

  • Affordable
  • Multiple Cups At A Time
  • Practical


Standard drip office coffee makers are a great solution for large offices. Being able to make up to 12 cups of coffee can accommodate a large group of people. Most drip coffee makers are affordable and practical in offices where there are few coffee drinkers.


Although standard drip coffee makers have been one of the most common types of coffee makers, there are some disadvantages. A few disadvantages that we noticed are:

  • Little variety
  • Does not stay fresh
  • Slow
  • Messy


In an office that thrives on delicious coffee, a standard drip coffee maker may fall short. There is little variety of coffee that you can make throughout the day, and each cup is not as fresh as the last. Unlike single coffee cup makers, drip coffee makers take longer to produce coffee and can be messy.