4 Reasons to Upgrade to Single-Cup Coffee Service

Sinlge-Cup Coffee Service

4 Reasons to Upgrade to Single-Cup Coffee Service

Single-cup coffee service is much more than your home pod brewing system. It’s a consistent fresh cup of coffee. It’s variety and high-end options. It can make your employees appreciate you more. And, most importantly it will help you reduce contact points in your break room! Let’s dive in and chat about the four reasons it’s probably time for you to upgrade to a single-cup coffee service.

1. You want to reduce contact points in your Phoenix break room.

As you return back into the office, break room protocols have changed. One thing that’s on everyone’s mind is reducing contact points in the break room. Single-cup brewing systems are the perfect solution for this. Each cup of coffee is pre-packaged or premeasured so the only thing your employees are touching is their own individual coffee.

2. Your employees are leaving the building to grab their favorite coffee.

If your Phoenix employees are skipping over to the local Starbucks during breaks and lunch it can create challenges. Sometimes they’re late returning back to work. And, the more that employees leave the office the less you’re able to reduce unnecessary contact points. Why not offer them what they’re looking for in your break room? With a single-cup office coffee service, you can offer your employees a café-like experience. Think high-end options, multiple brands, flavors, blends, and even tea are available in single-cup service.

Single-Cup Coffee

3. Your employees are complaining that the coffee isn’t fresh. (Even you noticed this one – haha).

We all know this sad story. Brew a large pot of coffee in the morning. Let it sit around all day. Heat it up in the microwave. Possibly burn it in the microwave. It’s a disappointing cycle. You’ll never experience this with single-cup brewing. Each cup of coffee is brewed individually so you and your Phoenix employees always get a fresh cup of coffee every single time!

4. Boost office morale and show your employees you appreciate them.

Nothing says “I’m thankful for you” better than a great cup of coffee! By offering single-cup coffee service in addition to a healthy break room to your employees you’ll be able to create a sense of community and improve your workplace culture. Your Phoenix employees will also feel appreciated and work harder!

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