The Variety Of Vending Machines

Close up of vending machine and person hitting numbers

The Variety Of Vending Machines

Types Of Vending Machines To Choose From

When you think about vending machines, you probably picture candy bars and drinks. In reality, there are actually a lot of different types of vending machines on the market and they carry a variety of items. With today’s modern technology behind them, there’s a lot more that you can get from a simple vending machine. If you are considering vending machines for a school, hospital, business, or anywhere else, there are a number of options to think through.

Coffee Services

People live on coffee these days, don’t they? Well, there are actually vending machines that provide coffee! They are easy to use, cost effective, and reliable. You can get these services from Camelback and we will handle the routine maintenance on the machines so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Cleaning and maintenance will be done on a timely basis and your guests will get the coffee they feel like they have to have in order to operate!

Healthy Vending

When you think of vending machines, you might automatically think about candy bars and chips. While there are plenty of those options as well, if you are interested in more healthy options, those are also available. Healthy vending machines are great for schools, hospitals, and even simply businesses with certain demands to meet. The products in these vending machines are low in sugar and include several different nutritional groups.

Standard Vending Machines

When you picture a vending machine, chances are you think of cookies, candy bars, chips, and items like that. On the other side, you might see drinks like soda, water, and juice. These are all options you can choose for your location. They are highly popular and do well in a variety of locations. People love the convenience of having access to a snack or drink when they need it.

Micro Market Vending

Instead of just one vending machine with only a few options, you can also have a whole small market area with several machines in a row. These kiosks offer self-service and self-checkout options with shelves, displays, and refrigeration included. You might see something like this in an airport, but they work well in a number of locations. The convenient store environment is great within a designated location in any office.

Get Vending Help

If you want one or more of the different types of vending machines for the location you have in mind, it is best to find a company to help you with the issue. Sure, you can buy vending machines on your own, but then you have to worry about stocking and servicing them. Instead, you could have a company do all that for you so all you have to do is occasionally buy something out of the vending machines yourself. Other than that, you just provide the location and the company will do the rest of the work for you. Alternatively, if you simply have questions and want to consult with a reputable vending company, Camelback Vending would be more than happy to help you in any way we can.