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Camelback Vending provides a wide range of coffee, tea, and hot chocolate selections to give your employees a custom beverage without having to leave your place of business. We have options for different workplace sizes, whether needing a simple traditional brewer or a single cup option with a wider variety of options. With our three coffee options, we are proud to carry many popular brands for your employees or customers. Nothing is better than starting the day with a fresh cup of Joe! Camelback can bring the coffeehouse experience right to your workplace with our wide variety of coffee brands and flavors.

Our Coffee Service Options

Many offices provide coffee services for their employees, but there are many different options to find you the perfect solution. Learn more about how Camelback Vending can bring you the best coffee for your employees.

Bean to Cup Service

This high-end gourmet coffee option gives the ultimate coffee experience to a workplace, whether providing coffee for employers or customers. Like having a Barista available to you all the time, our Bean to Cup option provides a gourmet variety of flavors for a delicious espresso, americano, black coffee, and more.

Single Cup Service

For the greatest variety with no product waste, Single Cup systems are the best option for your workplace. Single Cup coffee systems allow each person to choose their own flavor and size with freshest coffee, tea or other favorite hot beverage possible. In addition, these systems reduce the need for routine cleaning and maintenance.

Traditional Brewers

We provide the best quality products by using the best quality equipment. We are proud to provide the best coffee delivery systems, ensuring the greatest ease of use, cost effectiveness and reliability. These systems include thermal airpot systems and advanced brewers from industry leaders and innovators.

Brands We Carry

We understand that coffee is a vital part of most offices and having the best brands available is important to our customers. We offer a wide variety of gourmet brands and flavors that will compliment the individual brewing machine of your choice, including popular labels such as Starbucks, Green Mountain, Wolfgang Puck and Seattle's Best.

We can provide you with the brands you recognize and the delicious flavors your crave, all delivered with the convenience you expect! Here is a sampling of some of the brands we carry:

Fresh Coffee, Quality Service

At Camelback Vending, we understand that every customer has different needs when it comes to coffee service. We provide a variety of bean to cup, single cup, and traditional brewing systems to fit each customers needs depending on volume and available space.

We take pride in providing the most fresh coffee possible. With our traditional brewing systems, we use thermal airpots to keep coffee hot and fresh. These airpots allow for pots to be moved from break rooms to meeting rooms or coffee stations away from the brewing system, while keeping the coffee hot and fresh for hours. Best of all, by keeping coffee insulated, it reduces waste by eliminating the need to replace coffee every hour or two like traditional decanter systems.

In our single cup and bean to cup services, we provide routine maintenance and cleaning to make sure everything is always taken care of. We will handle all service needs on a timely basis. Not only for our machines, but with our traditional brewing, which includes regular pot cleaning and replacement. If our equipment ever needs service or repair, we’ll be here for you to take care of it right away without missing a single delightful cup of coffee, tea or other favorite hot beverage.

Those Who Work With Us, Love Us

We admire what our customers have to say about Camelback Vending. If you have benefitted from our services, we would love to hear from you. See what other people have to say about us and our services.

We have been with Camelback Vending for many years. Their product and service has always been top notch. I highly recommend Jodi and her company for any business.


Camelback Vending delivers a premium product with a great value. They are extremely dependable and always willing to do what is right for their customer.


Over the past 4 years we have struggled to find a quality vending provider for our company. I reached out to Camelback Vending and we’ve been blown away by the quality and customer service.


We went from 4 vending machines to “CBV” Micro Market to handle our 150+ employees. All of our employees LOVE it. Thanks for making our TEAM happy


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