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Health and Wellness in Your Workplace

When it comes to snacking, as with many things in life, the secret is moderation. Thanks to new innovative product offerings, we can all now enjoy great tasting snacks and beverages that contain reduced fat, sugar, cholesterol and sodium. As the leader in Healthy Vending in Arizona, Camelback Vending offers a wide array of product choices that are both better for you and still delicious! Making smart snacking choices is a sure way to help curb the skyrocketing obesity rates among students and adults alike.

Benefits of Healthy Vending

When it comes to eating healthy, the benefits are plentiful. More and more people are becoming aware of the importance of healthy food options for their workplace.

Encourage Wellness

Eating healthy foods is just one component in the wellness of a person. Encourage your employees to take care of themselves by giving them the option to eat right and feel good about snacking.

Eat Right, Feel Better

The foods we eat can make us feel tired, bloated, or hurt our stomachs if they are processed or unnatural. With our healthy foods, you can feel good about what you're eating & how it will make your body feel.

Health Meets Convenience

It is far too common for convenient food to be classified as unhealthy food. Wholesome options are harder to get access to on a daily basis, but we defy this trend, giving you the best of both worlds.

Our Health & Wellness Standards

Using the industry standards created through NAMA’s Fit Pick program, as well as the Alliance for a Healthier Generation’s standards, Camelback Vending has found a way to identify products that are healthier choices. The 35-10-35 guidelines were created by several nutrition groups as a way of deciphering healthier choice products. These items get no more than 35% of their calories from fat, no more than 10% from saturated fat, and no more than 35% of their total weight from sugar (nuts and seeds excluded). In addition, these products have caps in sodium and calories.

Our goal is to work with schools, businesses, and the medical community to develop programs that meet their wellness goals while still meeting the demands and desires of the employees, customers, and students. This is done by working with decision makers to create a program that is unique for each location and developing a product selection list that is both healthy and tasty. No longer are we limited to boring, tasteless products when it comes to healthy options. We know our customers are looking for healthier options that are still delicious and we are always looking to expand our product selections!

Better-for-You Options

Camelback Vending is proud to be the leading vendor in the Phoenix area in developing health and wellness solutions that work with the largest variety of healthy snacks and beverages.

Fresh Foods

Our fresh foods are handmade to order for each of our clients, based on their selections. Our list of dos and don’ts helps to highlight the healthiest options for them to choose from.


Vending machines and Micro Market snacks are often linked to junk foods and candy. We work with NAMA’s Fit Program to identify and provide healthy snack options.


Hydration is a major key to wellness, and providing healthy beverage options is an important part of a balanced diet. We work to find the best beverage service for you.

Those Who Work With Us, Love Us

We admire what our customers have to say about Camelback Vending. If you have benefitted from our services, we would love to hear from you. See what other people have to say about us and our services.

We have been with Camelback Vending for many years. Their product and service has always been top notch. I highly recommend Jodi and her company for any business.


Camelback Vending delivers a premium product with a great value. They are extremely dependable and always willing to do what is right for their customer.


Over the past 4 years we have struggled to find a quality vending provider for our company. I reached out to Camelback Vending and we’ve been blown away by the quality and customer service.


We went from 4 vending machines to “CBV” Micro Market to handle our 150+ employees. All of our employees LOVE it. Thanks for making our TEAM happy


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