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Micro Market Vending with Camelback Café

Camelback Café, our latest in break room innovation is a revolutionary self-checkout kiosk system called a Micro Market. Imagine a mini-convenience store inside your break room, filled with hundreds of product selections. You simply walk in, pick the desired items you want to buy from the racks, baskets, and coolers, and use the kiosk to scan and pay for them.

It is recommended that Camelback Café be positioned in a “closed location,” like a room with access via a single door. The security system works in sync with the kiosk to monitor the market. With these systems in place, theft in controlled environments has been found to be negligible. Clearly marked signs indicate to users that there is video surveillance, which discourages shrinkage.

Benefits of Micro Market Vending

In contrast to vending machines, this approach gives our clients so many more choices in the number and sizes of selections. The client is no longer constrained to what fits in a vending machine. This means healthier choices, sundry items, fresh fruit, sandwiches and salads.

Easy Management

Web-based inventory management system makes adding products and evaluating inventory quick and easy.

Customized Options

Fully-automated inventory ensures freshness and subsidies are easily regulated and customizable.

Accessible Choices

Customers get to touch the products and view nutritional content before making their purchase.

Improved Efficiency

Reduces wasted travel time for snacks and lunch, as well as extended breaks for employees.

A Convenience Store for Your Workplace

Micro market vending is like a mini convenience store in your office. There are 3-4 more times the amount of options in the same amount of space as a vending machine. Our micro market options are set apart with our variety of fresh food options, more unique items like specialty teas, coffees, premium waters, and more. We work closely with each client so that exactly what’s in the market is up to them. We work together to customize the choices and configuration based upon the space available and other preferences.

Camelback Vending will provide modern, efficient coolers, attractive fixtures, a kiosk, and a complete 24-hour security system. Each location has locally made custom cabinetry for their micro market, and we are fully involved to ensure its long term maintenance. These are built out exactly for what is necessary after assessing the specific needs of that location.

Unmatched Service

Our quality of service sets us apart. From custom cabinetry for each location to custom fresh food options, we go the extra mile to bring more to the table.

Custom to You

We customize our foods for each location, and work closely with them to make sure we provide exactly what they need. Because each of our items are custom-made, we are able to meet dietary needs and tailor to specific preferences.

Hands-on Service

We provide hands-on customer service from the moment we start working with you. We work hand-in-hand with the management at each location to meet the needs of the employees, and stay highly involved long-term.

Superior Food Options

Our micro-market provides the option for handmade sandwiches, fresh salads, wraps, hot plates, and more. Our food is provided locally, and can meet any preferences or needs - from gluten free to vegetarian to ordering your favorite sandwich for your location.

Those Who Work With Us, Love Us

We admire what our customers have to say about Camelback Vending. If you have benefitted from our services, we would love to hear from you. See what other people have to say about us and our services.

We have been with Camelback Vending for many years. Their product and service has always been top notch. I highly recommend Jodi and her company for any business.


Camelback Vending delivers a premium product with a great value. They are extremely dependable and always willing to do what is right for their customer.


Over the past 4 years we have struggled to find a quality vending provider for our company. I reached out to Camelback Vending and we’ve been blown away by the quality and customer service.


We went from 4 vending machines to “CBV” Micro Market to handle our 150+ employees. All of our employees LOVE it. Thanks for making our TEAM happy


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