Water Filtration Services

Quality Water Filtration Services

Camelback Vending is proud to provide a variety of Water Filtration Systems for your employees. Whether you are looking for single-serve bottled water delivery or an in-line water filtration system, we can customize a program for you.

Packaged bottled water is available for delivery at a great price that guarantees safe clean water. Great for companies giving away free bottled water to their employees or customers. Bottleless filtration systems featuring the most advanced filtering and UV systems available deliver safe, crisp-tasting water on demand for hydration and better tasting coffee.

Benefits of Our Services

Great beverages start with great water and clean, safe water has obvious health advantages as well. For those reasons we offer a variety of water options for your place of business including environmentally friendlier bottled water options or bottleless water filtration systems.

Purified Water

These systems are designed to remove all chlorine, lead and other taste and odor impurities in the water to ensure pure, clean water.

Simple Maintenance

We refill and change filters exactly when it's necessary, and never when it isn't. We do the maintenance so that you can focus on work.

No Hassle

Our services reduce your monthly invoices by having less suppliers to deal with, providing everything you need from one place.

Our Difference

We provide the most efficient systems, and work closely with our clients to decide on the right system for their specific location. These systems are designed to remove all chlorine, lead and other taste and odor impurities in the water systems. They also avoid the hassles of storage, mess and replacement of large 5 gallon water bottles. Additionally, these systems are much more sanitary that bottled water systems, as there is no chance of contamination of the water since the water is never exposed to outside elements. These attractive units simply need a water line installed which we will do at the time of installation. We maintenance them as needed, and keep our cleaning process consistent.

Our commitment to the little details and going a step further impacts the way we do business. We are committed to using innovative approaches for our processes in the most financially sound and customer satisfaction ways possible. Our customers appreciate the level of quality and service they get from us, down to the last detail of water filtration services.

Our Water Filtration Systems

These are the four different types of systems we install and maintenance.

In-Line Water Cooler

This water cooler plumbed into a water source has built-in filters, and is a great option for those who bring their own bottles to work.

5 Gallon Jug

For areas without plumbed lines, we offer a 5 gallon jug option. These are perfect for providing clean water in convenient areas of the office.

Ice & Water Cooler

We offer coolers that provide hot and cold water, as well as units that provide ice and water, based on the specific needs of your location.

Bottled Water Delivery

We provide cases of single serve bottle for distribution to staff and customers. We deliver the number of cases needed per location.

Those Who Work With Us, Love Us

We admire what our customers have to say about Camelback Vending. If you have benefitted from our services, we would love to hear from you. See what other people have to say about us and our services.

We have been with Camelback Vending for many years. Their product and service has always been top notch. I highly recommend Jodi and her company for any business.


Camelback Vending delivers a premium product with a great value. They are extremely dependable and always willing to do what is right for their customer.


Over the past 4 years we have struggled to find a quality vending provider for our company. I reached out to Camelback Vending and we’ve been blown away by the quality and customer service.


We went from 4 vending machines to “CBV” Micro Market to handle our 150+ employees. All of our employees LOVE it. Thanks for making our TEAM happy


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