Here at Camelback, we use
cloud-based technology
to manage our vending inventory.

This allows us to manage your Phoenix vending needs anytime, anywhere!


Automated Scheduling

By making use of real-time data gathered from our vending equipment in Phoenix, we can swiftly and effectively plan deliveries, thereby eliminating wasted trips.


Streamlined Deliveries

Deliveries are automatically scheduled based on your break room usage. This reduces the amount of contact your Phoenix employees are exposed to from our drivers. It also ensures that your break room is always adequately stocked.


Quick Solutions

Since we receive updates from your vending equipment around the clock, we will be notified immediately if there are any issues. Often, issues are resolved in your break room before you or your Phoenix employees know about it.

Smart Inventory for Phoenix Break Rooms

Upgrade the vending experience at your Phoenix area location with vending machines from Camelback Vending at 602-278-5330.

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