A better experience for our customers

We bring cutting edge systems and equipment to the Phoenix Area, from digital rewards to using technology to reduce our carbon footprint.

Smart everything

Wireless monitoring technology ensures sales data, equipment status, and alerts are sent in real time.

Cashless enabled

Our upgraded equipment accepts the latest epay options, including credit cards and mobile apps.

Digital rewards

Whether it’s a vending machine or a micro-market, we have a reward program that will benefit you.

Cool trucks

We ensure food is always at the ideal temperature in the Phoenix heat with refrigerated delivery vehicles.

Pioneers in wireless technology

Camelback was the first company West of the Mississippi to invest in Cantaloupe vending technology back in 2005. It wasn’t every company who was willing to implement the latest vending machine and management systems, but we knew we wanted to be the best. The Cantaloupe system allows us to deliver a higher level of service to the Phoenix Area.

Cantaloupe’s remote monitoring gave us access to real-time information and allowed our customers the flexibility to pay using credit cards and mobile payments. It’s more convenient and allows us to monitor product levels remotely. We can make restocking trips exactly when needed with exactly the right products. This makes delivery more efficient, reducing emissions with lighter and few vehicles.

Connecting our vending equipment and kiosks to Cantaloupe also means we are able to fine-tune the product selection at each location based on what sells. The result is a unique product mix at your Phoenix location, whether it’s vending or micro-markets.

Hassle-free requests

Using the app, employees can directly request new products or refunds, reducing the burden on facility managers.

Convenient option

Phoenix area employees love knowing they can make direct requests to the vending or micro-market company.

Easy to use

The Mobile Request Platform has a user-friendly interface — visit http://camelbackmobile.com and easily navigate through the site.

Instant feedback

We love hearing positive reviews of how we served you and the app lets you easily provide feedback.

Fewer trips & trucks

By utilizing the latest technology we can monitor product levels at locations throughout the Phoenix area. This means eliminating multiple trips to your location when service isn’t needed. That is fewer trucks on the road, thus lowering emissions.

Energy savings

We install energy-efficient equipment to reduce the electricity use and costs associated with vending machines. These are well-engineered and reliable machines that offer convenience in a more environmentally friendly way.

Greener lights

We have swapped traditional fluorescent bulbs with LED lights inside vending machines and on micro-market fixtures. LEDs are brighter, but use less energy than the fluorescent options. They also have less of an environmental impact.

Continuing initiatives

Whenever we see a way to be sustainable, we take it. Currently, all the cardboard that comes into our facility is recycled. We also reuse equipment whenever we can, so it doesn’t end up in the landfill.

Upgrade the vending experience at your Phoenix area location with vending machines from Camelback Vending at 602-278-5330.

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