3 Water and Ice Dispensers for Tasty, Pure Water in Your Phoenix Break Room

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3 Water and Ice Dispensers for Tasty, Pure Water in Your Phoenix Break Room

Are you looking for a way to improve the taste of your office coffee, water, and tea? While tap water may be perfectly safe, it’s not known for its flavor. Most tap water has additives like chlorine that can impact taste in a negative way. The good news is you can get rid of impurities from your office tap water. Plus, it’s an easy fix! With excellent water and ice dispensers, you can bring great-tasting water to your Phoenix office.

Top Water and Ice Dispensers

Wondering which Phoenix water filtration system to use? Here are 3 great options to consider:

1. Bevi Water Dispenser

Hydrate happy with this bubbly water dispenser. With this unit, customization is key. It allows the user to make their favorite still or sparkling water. Featuring various flavors, you can also add caffeine, electrolytes, or immunity boosters to your drink. Here are a few reasons to love it:

    • It’s eco-friendly! No more plastic bottles in the office. Instead, staff can use reusable bottles.
    • Achieve healthy hydration. Drinking water is a great healthy choice. For some people, drinking plain water is boring. This unit offers natural flavors with no artificial ingredients. Your staff will love these tasty options.
    • It’s cost-effective. A water dispenser like this one can save money you would spend on bottled water service.

This water dispenser is a great choice for your Phonix break room.

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2. Follet Symphony Ice Dispenser

Are you looking for a modern ice dispenser? Creating one of the most popular types of ice, this machine is a gem. It makes chewblet or chewable ice. Also known as nugget ice, this ice is smaller than the average cube. It’s perfect for iced coffee, iced, tea, water, and other cold beverages. You can even add ice to your Phoenix effervescent beverage. Plus, these machines feature dispensers. This prevents contamination from scoop-type styles. Why add this great machine to your office break room?

    • An ice machine can improve your break room experience.
    • Your team will love adding ice to all of their beverages.
    • Keep everyone cool in the Phoenix heat with quality ice. It’s the perfect complement to your office coffee service. With it, staff can sip trendy iced coffees and teas. This ice dispenser is fantastic!

3. Plumbed-In Water

These modern units connect to water lines for on-demand water. Cutting-edge filters then eliminate impurities, for better flavor and aroma. Elevate the experience in your Phoenix break room with water filtration. It will bring your team delicious ice, water, coffee, and tea. Plumbed-in systems offer many benefits including:

    • These water filtration systems are great for offices that consume a lot of water.
    • They save space! Plumbed-in systems use under-the-counter equipment. So, you don’t need any extra floor space in your break room. Score!
    • They encourage healthy lifestyle choices. Tasty, filtered water is more appealing than tap water. What’s not to love?

The Bottom Line on Water and Ice Dispensers

Water and ice are both crucial for workplace hydration. With good hydration, your staff will have increased mental clarity and productivity. Plus, they’ll have better general health, meaning fewer sick days. Win!

Remember, at Camelback Vending Services, we specialize in custom solutions. Talk to us about your water and ice dispenser needs today! We look forward to finding the perfect solution for your needs.