Water and Ice without the impurities

Invest in Water Filtration Service and enjoy a better experience in the break room with delicious ice, water, and office coffee drinks.

Few things are more refreshing than a fresh-tasting glass of water. Get that at your Phoenix area workplace whenever you want with Water Filtration Service. We install modern units that connect to existing water lines then use innovative filters to remove impurities that affect taste and odor. This enhances not only the drinking water, but also ice, coffee, and tea.

Water filtration services in Phoenix area Area and The Valley
Phoenix area Area and The Valley water filtration services

Plumbed in option

The water filtration unit attaches directly to your existing water line for delicious water on demand.

Counter model

Have hot and cold filtered water easily accessible in your Phoenix area break room using a counter top model.

Floor standing option

Save counter space or make the water cooler a high-tech feature with a full-size water filtration unit.

Chewable ice

Follet Symphony Ice Dispensers dispense chewblet ice directly into the cup to avoid contamination caused by scoop-type machines.

Dual temperature taps

Filtered water is ready to use instantly and kept either hot or cold for more flexible drinking options.

Delicious taste

Water filtration provides the great taste Phoenix area employees and guests are searching to quench thirst.

Bevi bubbly,
water dispenser.

Hydration your way

Use the Bevi water dispenser to customize a healthy beverage. Choose between still and carbonated water, a variety of flavors and enhancements including caffeine and electrolytes.

Eco-friendly option

The Bevi water dispenser is an affordable way show potential and current employees you care about the environment. Using the Bevi water dispenser saves around 30,000 bottles and cans each year.

5-gallon water cooler service relied on by Phoenix area businesses

Offer traditional 5 gallon water coolers at your Phoenix area location to offer delicious water anywhere, anytime. These units offer both hot and cold water for various uses. We’ll delivery new bottles whenever you need and remove the old ones.

Quench thirst with better water options from the Phoenix area experts at Camelback Vending. Call 602-278-5330 or email info@camelbackvending.com today.

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