Meet our newest

The Bevi is a bubbly, bottle-less water dispenser that takes hydration to another level. Whether you choose from the countertop or floor-standing model, you’ll have fresh, delicious, filtrated water at the touch of a button.

Bevi water filtration services in Phoenix
Bevi water services in Phoenix

Variety of Flavors

If customization is your thing, you’ll love all the options the Bevi water machine offers. Choose hot, cold, or ambient temperature. Then, decide whether you’d like sparkling or distilled water. After that, you can select from 12 natural flavors to boost to add to your water.

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You can even up your customization by adding caffeine, electrolytes, or an immunity boost.

Benefits of the Bevi Water Filtration System

Hydrated employees tend to feel happier and are more productive
and energetic

Show employees you support their healthy lifestyle choices with healthy beverage options

Attract and retain top talent by offering trendy beverage options in the break room like Bevi

Save on expenses. The Bevi water unit costs
40-60% less than canned or bottled beverages

Phoenix water filtration services with Bevi

Decrease your
carbon footprint with
a bottle-less system

Here at Camelback, we do what we can to lessen our impact on the earth. If that’s you, too, you’ll love the Bevi bottle-less water system. No plastic water bottles are used when you use this machine; this reduces your carbon footprint and saves about 30,000 plastic bottles a year.