Follett Ice & Water Machine

Coffee service and Water Filtration in Phoenix area, The Valley

Elevate your Phoenix break room hydration options with a Follett Symphony Plus™ ice and water machine. Many HR Managers and decision makers are opting to put ice machines and freshwater in the break room. They recognize that it can impact the office positively at a minimal cost to the business.

The Perks of Follett Ice and Water Dispensers

Ice and water filtration in Phoenix

Employees are looking for more in the break room. Attract quality employees by offering more modern options, like chewblet ice.

Phoenix water filtration and ice dispensers

You'll enjoy an easy setup and installation. All Follett ice machines and water dispensers come pre-assembled, making our installation a breeze.

Phoenix ice and water filtration

Employees will experience a higher sense of employer appreciation when you offer refreshing water and trendy ice options.

Water filtration and ice dispensers in Phoenix

Increase office productivity with water. Studies have shown that employees who stay hydrated are typically more productive.

Good for the environment

A Follett Symphony Plus™ ice and water machine allows you to enjoy delicious ice without the guilt! Each machine has a continuous ice-making process that uses less electricity, making it energy efficient. They also use a refrigerant that has zero ozone depletion potential.

Sanitary and Clean

Put your sanitary concerns to ease with the Follett Symphony Plus™ ice and water machine.

Continual automatic self-flushing of ice machine removes impurities, keeping water and ice sanitary.

Made of Agion® silver which contains antimicrobial properties that keep ice and water clean.

Enjoy reduced contact points with the one-hand lever or SensorSAFE™ infrared ice dispenser.